FAQs and Dress Code

Dress Code

At The Cavalier we take great pride in being a family owned, operated and oriented establishment. For this reason we take our dress code very seriously. We ask all customers to abide by the following standards. The following is prohibited at The Cavalier Family Skating Center:

-We do not allow hats to be worn after 7:00 pm on Friday Nights
-We do not allow halter tops to be worn.
-We do not allow tops which expose a persons midriff.
-We do not allow tube tops to be worn.
-We do not allow any clothing with profanity.

Anyone violating these guidelines will be asked to cover up the infraction with a different piece of clothing or asked to leave.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: May I bring my own skates to The Cavalier?
A: Yes, of course! However we do not allow wheels that have been worn outdoors. We also do not allow rollerblades with black brakes, as they leave marks on our floor. Patrons with outdoor wheels or black brakes on their roller blades will be asked to use rental skates.

Q: Where do I keep my personal belongings while I am skating?
A: The Cavalier provides lockers at the east end of the building. The rental fees start at .50 per lock. We ask that all personal belongings be kept in the lockers for the safety of your items and to maintain adequate seating for patrons.

Q: How old does a child have to be to skate unaccompanied at The Cavalier?
A: We leave these decisions up to the parents. We do ask that the child be responsible enough to call home if needed, handle their own money, etc.

Q: What is the smallest size rental skate you carry?
A: Our smallest size is a toddler size 8 in regular skates and a toddler size 13 in roller blades.

Q: What is the largest size rental skate you carry?
A: Our largest rental skate is a size 16 in regular skates and size 12 in roller blades.

Q: Do you provide Skate Mate (a.k.a Roller Buddy) rentals?
A: Yes! You can find them for rent in our Pro Shop for $3.50 each. Please note, quantities are limited and it is first come, first serve.

Q: Do you allow outside food or drink to be brought into The Cavalier?
A: For the safety of all we do not allow outside food or drink to be brought into our facility. The only exception would be if you have a birthday party reservation with us, then you can bring in a cake and ice cream.

Q: May I bring in a cake for my child's birthday?
A: If you have a birthday party room reserved with The Cavalier you are welcome to bring in outside cake and ice cream. If you do not have a reservation there is no outside food or drink allowed.

Q: Do you serve food? What are you prices for food?
A: Please see this picture of menu.